In the instance that I have already forgotten you,
Find me at the place we first met
As memory fades to the background,
All I can see is noise;

If I misplace you – love,
Then look for the place I hold you most
As soon as I can, the words won’t always ramble on,
For as far the light hits the distance can’t keep;

I can’t hold on to what I was doing,
Like running water through my fingers
Holding on seemed so unbearable,
So sit still in this silence for I have made too much noise;

And baby sit by the window sill,
Because I’ve been counting again
And my wrists feel like falling off,
Because they’ve been held by too many hands to feel again

Give me a moment to breathe,
I’m lost at sea
And the lions are after me
I can’t recall who I am,
But still, I remember who I used to be