And Then She Tells Me One Last Thing

before the sun comes back down, we have one last chance to arrive back home
so she says to me that this is just fine, the way that
it had been intended
because the last girl who treads in this watered down version of a heart
will at the end of the night, have left me here for granted, a much lesser of the man that had originally walked this way
now we share this ground as one technically connected in more ways than the average stranger
and what is stranger than that is who we’ve seen is yet to be what our fears led us away from
so tonight we will lay under the sorbus tree that has more feathers than that of the most graceful birds
we go together to somewhere further than any ideal will allot of our hopes
you will be told to hold my hand at the noctis moments of life
but I am a type of pill that holds no grudges and never lets go
and then she tells me one last thing
“I have no room for love in my heart”
and then she tells me she loves me, because I am the last one she can tell before she knows
I’ll be the first one to reply the same

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