If I Was A Wishing Well, I’m Going for Broke

so they took me down by the river and left me stranded
to find any sense in who I am, when I have barely landed
the man they were looking at was just a case to a broken guitar
and with nothing important to hold, I must’ve been deemed useless

you must’ve been redeemed when you found out you were important to hold
and that the man you were looking at was more than just broken
we will find sense in who we are when we are barely falling
we can wash our pains away down by the river and we’ll be calling

as the seconds fall down the wall there is a loss of time for this world to exist
and without a bomb in clear sight, there is a loss of something more than just you and I

we will see where this phrase gets us, but if its up to them we’ll fall a few cents short
and if I was a wishing well, I’m going for broke and calling this shot of love a little side dish
where do we really remain at the end of the day?
and they called me fake.

a heart so fresh in to the world gave me a reason to believe that its possibly actuality
and as our breathing slows down, or as our hearts start to race, there is no finish line for love
just a starting point that is only at once determined.

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