rattle me in to a shape of uniform inability to be complete
strangle me dead, keep on holding on to me
this ride is starting to fall apart
don’t you know I’ve never been known to let this go
but I did it for you because you are the one who keeps holding on
don’t go yet we just walked in the door,
don’t let go yet, I’m still falling down, I’m still holding on to you
devices pulled, keeps me floating down to you
devices pulled, keeps me floating down

rattle me to the size of a box so small you can hardly see
hide me in your pocket, like your own device
use me, use me, when ever you need, just don’t let me die,
don’t let me die here in your arms
didn’t you know, there is room for you here
devices pulled, are devices used to save your life
devices pulled, out of your pocket used to make your life easier

rattle me, rattle me, don’t let me go, I swear I will work for you
as long as I have to
rattle me, into the shape of a heart, and change your batteries
you cannot die, as long as I am here in your arms
you cannot die, as long as I am in your heart
you will never die

rattle me, like the cage, tap on my glass
wait for me to respond, take me home tonight
show me what love is like
I waited for you, I waited for you
I will always be your device

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