Standing on the Ground

as gravity is pulling me away from this place now,
you are all I have to hold on to
when your palms are sweaty will you have what it takes to make
it out of this place, or are you somewhat paranoid.

maybe through the clouds, I will find hope in finding your logic
where everything is backwards and upside down
making the logical stand on the ground
you say I am full of something wasteful

there you stand, rotting through the pieces of a broken puzzle
sifting through the sand
hoping for some slight of hand
there is nothing there you need to look for

if prince charming would have been coming on a horse
he would have been made of oxygen and
eyes rolled back from unconsciousness
if I am prince charming, then I could go when I want

there is nothing that would make me want to leave
this ground without you
so if you could be my anchor,
I would like to set ship on your heart

come walk this plank, it never ends
when you come on board
you will never have to feel
like I am not the slightest bit of real

my shoes make the impressions on the moons surface
that somehow nothing is going to be about this
and somehow every dollar spent on love is going to
smite all my hard work

so if this is the ship you were sinking in
grab my hand
because the way up is harder
than being alive

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  1. I just wanted to say I miss you, I hope your doing well. I haven’t looked at this site since like, september…I hope you get this and read this, I just wanted to let you know Thank you for caring about me the time you did. It meant more than you would know <3 Iris

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