(A Letter Written To) Your Sunshine

In a concealed envelope,
The head says its addressed to whom it might concern,
A paragraph describing the mess you vacated on winter vacation
A loveless marriage and family of four,
The words forever for us, a former of the life we once led

If you believed in us so much,
Then why was it so easy to pull the trigger?
To pull the trigger?
Relentlessly she said “on and on (I’m moving)”
Well back here in the glove my hands are still cold from the day you left them
And if you believed in us so much,
Then how did you just pack up and walk away?

And as the footer read
“To the moon and back”
A tragic crash on impact,
And back home we are still picking up the pieces from the tragic accident that occurred the day I fell in love with you

These trap walls have been closing in and the shadows in mirror keep telling me I can never look back

How the sun you knew no longer dances with tangerines,
And as the frost hit our doorsteps,
In love you became with your vacancy signs

So many times I ripped up your final notes,
But I felt tempted to pick up your broken pieces

So find the address on the front because I know you forgot how to come back home,
Right back where the love is.

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