I’m Going To Make It Worth Your Time To Waste Mine

I was waiting by the sun,
Thought that we weren’t done
But it seems to me to always be
That things don’t I see are what I’m supposed to see,
They told me not to move,
Because I had nothing left to lose,
But that’s not true

Do you remember when we talked last July,
And you said it was all just a lie?
It never was, it never was a waste of time
If you ever loved me you really should have tried,
I remember you saying it was worth my time

Remember packing up,
All the things that you left behind?
The memories impossible for you to find
The hours would change, and so would I,
But I’ve slept so many sleepless nights,

I’m going to make it worth your time, to profoundly come waste mine,
I’ve got an old love burning,
With no hope of turning;
The wedding bells aren’t crashing,
But all hell is lashing
The sins I am, the things I’ve been wrong
The world won’t ever hear a single song

Remember how it changed?
You left a whole world completely rearranged,
Upside down, and the clocks couldn’t tick,
The songbirds came from far away,
They came just today

And remember every stupid line,
About how your heart needs mine?
Well obviously it’s doing just fine

But can you make it make sense,
How you explain to all your friends,
About the guy who loved you most
That as time flew by, you denied me mine,
You were everything that I once had,

I’ll make it worth hers to put me in a hearse,
She can watch me go down below,
Six feet of pure dirt walls,
And I’ll fix the things that I couldn’t change,
But last of all I’ll fix the things that you gave away

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