The Antidote/Our Only Cure

I’m somewhere out there,
absolute with no intentions,
no mind as a man with no inventions,
so I could be anything

They said,
there must be something missing from your head,
but I think I know,
I know what I missing

you’re somewhere out there,
lost at sea,
nobody waiting, no way to be

I’m searching for the antidote,
the cure to this loveless disease,
the only reason I found you,
was because I needed to

The walls around here,
we all know what they say,
so forgive me for forgetting

Where will the oil meet the water now?
Will it be brought back by a lighters kiss?
Can you hear out?
Because last time you forgot how

We will park our loss on the city streets,
waiting under the sun,
and when the moon comes down,
I will remember you

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