To Be With You Tonight

An empty space is all I need,
A place alone with you I see
Somebody dug up a hole
And told me it will become my home

Walking alone, all I can see is the stars,
Looking down so brightly,
Glowing where your smile used to hide

They replaced it with stone,
Turned around and around
They thought I couldn’t break through the ground
The weight of the world couldn’t hold me down

In your well placed hands,
Trembling, my mind is gone with the wind
Looking up so sadly

I’d give you my all, if you only wanted it
A place so far away with you is all I need
Somebody could dig up a hole
In this scene you’re just an extra

My first plea
Never sounded like words that would save me
Taking flight behind desperate lips;

Atop this hill, we blind our hearts
A place alone with you is all I need
Looking down so quickly,
Breaking down wherever this starts

It will be ok sounded more like a promise
As the ground folds,
I’ll be there with the sinking ships

If you could somehow promise me tonight,
Turning around, my life
Hoping you will be my wife
But I see, you are losing the light

It will be ok, I promise if you give me the way
And no matter the terms, I will always stay
I’ll be there with you, with the sinking ships

Tell me my words have lost all meaning,
That nothing I can do will say
Come tomorrow we’ll be ok
And her closets need more cleaning

My last plea
Never meant you had to leave
I just wanted to be with you tonight

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