The Getaway

Flashing red lights remind me that time is more valuable than anything exchanging hands,
To stop and wait for your time under red lights,
Because I know your ride will never stop
And it was worth all our philosophical fights

Dropped gold on diamonds and still got coal,
Compressed, reduced in pressure to give in
And all the silver you stole

I never thought I’d get away with this,
I never thought I’d get away with you

Flashing yellow, light around the edges
Impact on table over and over
It might be solid, but never softer
Taking caution to run away

Dropped the bag and ran,
The most valuable thing I ever had;
The time spent wasted on all our fights
And it was all worth silver and gold

I never thought I’d get away with you
I never thought I’d get a way to run

I was there at the scene of the crime,
In fact I never left; I just found a better hiding spot
The day will come without time
With that will be all that I’ve got

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