Finally came across that letter you wrote me from a place that was many miles away
We were younger then,
I remember those times you said it was chasing the light that made you happy;

My darkness approached and with it I carried heavy winds,
The motion of the earth alone burdened me with staying on the ground

And you came, and you saw
That the world I saw was more black and blue
A settled reality too brutal for you
I remember chasing you through the wind

Finally, I came across your screen again
The words read you’ve been missing;
Alone again I’ve been waiting
The hands of time have carried me away

Like the sparrow in her nest
My head was safe upon your chest
And I whispered I’d be back,
As I couldn’t stay away for long

And I miss you.
And I need you.
But I know you’ll never know the way I’ve ever felt.
But I’ll need you now the way I’ve never needed

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