I heard you made it to Milwaukee
Your friends called,
said you meant it when you said you hated me
Did you ever mean to forget?
Did you ever hear about my regret?

That one late night you called and said to forget my name,
That your love is now our growing hate,
If this was a our destination, then why am I hiding from you?
If this was true love, I’ll never understand my fate

I saw you called in from Milwaukee
Heard your friends made it back,
heard you didn’t want to see
Did you ever mean to believe?
Did you ever mean it when you said you’d never leave?

That one last time you called and said you’d forget me,
That our love was make believe,
If magic existed, we would’ve been left alone
And we’d rot away to abandon our home

I came back from Milwaukee,
Heard your friends weren’t looking for me,
said they meant it when they didn’t want to see
Did you ever know?
Did you ever

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