For Ever

I’m in your blood, your heart, your soul
I’m in your bones, your eyes, your smile
But I’m not there,
And I apologize for the years you’ll hardly know me,
But you’re my little girl
And I apologize for the tears I will never see

One day you’ll know I always cared,
That I’m in your veins, and you in mine,
That I’m in your words, and yours in mine,
We fought the good fight,
And someday I’ll be there right,

Right there beside you, lays a woman,
A mother who, with every choice she had to make,
Her only choice was to have you,
So blessed are we all
For Ever, Daddy loves you

Back To Square One

We are all criminals,
Stealing people from broken homes,
Praying that they, have nothing better to do then wait on us,

The time I’ve waited to tell them,
How you stole her from me,
I’m sorry lover, she stole my water,
I’m sorry daughter, she stole my motor
Is this how we operate,
Like broken machines,
We’ve become hopeless feins

So now, I’m back to square one,
I’ve lost what I never had,
A daughter not knowing her dad,
Forcing me to say:

You will know me,
I will hold you,
Daddy loves you,
I will be true

So is this how we operate?
Like broken machines that cannot read,
Emotions of humans,
Is this how we operate?
Like dice we’ll determine chances and victories from broken homes

So now I’m back to square one,
A victory has just begun
I’ve got nothing left to lose.