Established Connections

I hear you needed to talk,
A constant constipation of why I never understood
I needed to hear you talk,
A constipation of conceptual understanding

There’s something the matter with the matter between my ears
I hear the pitter patter of your heavy breathing and broken tears

Are our wires crossed?
Red crosses white and we made the wrong connections
Are you on board mother;
There is so much to process these silicone lies

We missed our connections,
Waited for the next plane to jump on and take us away from this place
Every one is on board except the one wearing my face
Tonal inflections and viral infections

There’s something the matter with the matter on my mind
Curious for answers, digging through your trash to see what I find

Are your chips all in?
Held down by the heat and the pins you’ve extended
Are you in this shell, barely holding it together?
There is so much to hold on to now

I needed to hear you talk,
Moving this information
Like the cars and the people
Are we headed to our next station?

Embedded in time counted by zeros and ones,
We get turned off to get turned on
Like our backs when nobody was watching
Embedded in time our count has begun

If we reroute our routers,
Then the message crossed,
Cross platform, channels stay the same
We crossed bays and the message was lost


There’s a million things you can’t change,
A thousand where the outcome remains the same
A hundred ways to breathe
A dozen ways to smile
Two ways to think

You can’t stop gravity from holding us down
You can’t change the color of the sky
You can’t see the wind
You can’t hold a knife to a statues neck
And so many more things that I can’t even think of

You can wear a different shirt, where the person underneath stays the same
You can throw away your trash but you won’t stop the earth when it shakes
You can throw away a hundred friendships and have not solved the true

In, slow through your nose
Like it matters if anyone’s watching us
Fast, like the wind that changed with your words
Breathing away, I’m afraid to remember what it feels like to be full

You can smile because you saw something funny
Or because someone’s embrace
You can smile knowing you did you part
Or because it is your better face

It’s either all in
Or all out
And in regards to our time,
It’s the latter


The only words worth knowing
Are those which coming flowing
From women with blind ears
The color of which has faced saturation from the loss of their balance

And no father would ever leave their children behind if the mothers never lost faith in the words of love

So where are we now versus the faces we shed?
Looking over shoulders,
These tires can’t keep kissing the pavement without the air it needs
With an empty tank
We are taking this nowhere soon

I’m going to miss pretending
There was going to be a happy ending after all.
I keep telling you, it’s just getting worse
And though I know it hurts,
One day I’ll just be looking back

We can keep our secret great,
I follow the lines if time to open my next gate
And I imagine walking through to you
And I imagine looking back at we went through

The lines got crossed
And that was our silver lining
We went searching and found ourselves lost
And we missed our timing

I’m going to miss pretending
That we would have our day
And I know you’ll say
This was always our ending


There are times where the water falls,
This fish float away, slowly in schools
What did they want? They wonder
As the legs of two slowly pull apart from another

The current could sweep them off their feet’s and carry them away,
But they just hold still
Watching silently looking forward to the disturbance and it’s departure

Words can be too much, as the expression goes,
A minute can feel like hours when every moment counts
And I can’t count the moments

We leave to come across openness,
But yet we crave the community we formed
And as we are left alone, wondering why this was ever what we wanted
We come to another close

Like a book with unwritten pages,
We turn the time just to find out there was always an ending
Just as joggers find the line that others may never cross,
It was just a matter of time

Our Senses


Tell yourself it wasn’t your fault
Tell yourself the fire was started by someone you’ve never seen before

Blind man, hold these matches while my gasoline covers you in warmth
And from the ashes your eyes will open


Tell them it was their fault
Tell them you saw them start the fire

Deaf man, you could never hear the blind mans screams
And from his ashes your ears will pick up the faintest sounds


Tell them it was my fault
Tell them I started the fire

Mute man, say these words and they will set you free
And from that moment on never speak of this day again

The Progression of an End

There are so many things wrong today,
The summer heat has lifted away
The leaves are getting ready to change their ways
Falling down

Ambulances keep running down my street,
People never seem to always be perfect
And the crowds join hands in their phones
Just to record the moment instead of living in it

The wind keeps pushing me away
The sun keeps setting sooner
I’m not a fan of things coming to an end

Fire trucks are blocking our view
Men keep pushing us back
Saying it’s not safe for us to be there in that moment
And I’ve never been more sure of my safety

There are so many things wrong today
One girl killed another just because of a boy
Just because she wanted him more
And now they’ll never have him

And police cars are stopping us in our tracks
Saying it’s time for us to turn around
That there is nothing left to see here
And I’ve never been so sure of my eyes

The snow keeps kissing the cement like a familiar stranger
The cold keeps me warm from my freezing
I’m not a fan of being frozen


Should it be lost today,
Let the horizon sit crooked over the plains

Should it be lost today,
Let the moon sink like sand to the hollow ground

Should it be lost today,
Let the worlds winds come to a brief stop

Just to throw you away

Should I sit alone again,
Might I sit crooked over the end of the plains

Should I sit alone again,
Might I let the moon sink down beneath the surface I stand

Should I sit alone again,
Might I feel the worlds winds spin up my spine

Then the press of your love is gone

Should the sky fail to show the light,
I’ll wait around again

Should the sky fail to show the light,
I’ll fall in love again

Should the sky fail to show the light,
I’ll fly to you again

These hands used to hold on to dear life

And I felt alone again,
Deserted from the moment that I walked away

And I felt alone again,
Deserted in the most public of places

And I felt alone again,
Deserted in my own skin

As my soul departed I could see how small of an impact I made on the world

And all of the things I should’ve done
When I had a chance

And all of the things I should’ve done
When I had something left to prove

And all of the things I should’ve done
When I had my arms around you

But in terms of letting go,
I’m holding on to you


Chalked up, the distance the line runs
Parallel; I find your outline next
City streets found deserted in the city that never sleeps

I lost you in sequence,
And as I heard the bullets going by,
I rushed in to save you

Sirens wailing while the crowd gathers
They don’t even know our names,
But they stare at our fates
Wondering if they know our face

Pushed back, we are held back from line
These liars never heard a thing
And the man who got away

Painted us in signs screaming they will never forget,
But the children who lived won’t know any different
All I wanted to do was keep you here
But we were meant to live different lives after all

I lost you in distance
Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist
And I’ve always believed in this

Untitled #15

I walked these streets,
Looking for the cracks I tripped on as a kid
To find it’s all been replaced
It’s what we’ve been moving on

Unfamiliar sounds of ghosts
I said I was never scared,
Never free
Body plays host

I don’t recognize you anymore
Now I just see a shadow, with a frame that has become shallow,
of the person I thought I knew

Are we all still the same?
Or have we become two totally different people?
Save me the sunset
I want to see the other side of the world

From fear I see the trees that are no longer
We carved our way through the streets
To find they’ve all been replaced
Not even close to home

Are we still the same?
Do you ever feel this way?
Cause I’d save the sunset, for you

I want to see the other side of the world,
So hold on tight because we’re gonna go

And if you’re wondering, I’m waiting for you

While They’re Looking

She doesn’t see past his sun bright eyes,
The mirror in all reflections shines the light
So don’t tell her why I’m passing by
The winter snows I chase in the night

Miracles aren’t supposed to just happen,
Explain to me why you are my lesson
So don’t find the fog in the bay,
These winter showers won’t make us stay

Do everything you can while they’re looking,
Because you’ll find that nothing lasts forever
And if promises meant anything,
Than you would have stayed

She hears the words through ricochet
And feels the things that you meant to say
You’ll never be the man you said you’d be
But you’ll always be better off than me

Smile like the dentists won’t remove your lungs
Do everything you can while you sit in the chair
These falling leaves don’t mean anything
They never meant anything to me

She doesn’t see past his cold hands,
The reflection in the hall reminded her to breathe,
So don’t tell her why I can’t stand
The summer rain is making me leave

Do everything you can while they’re looking
Because someday they’ll be too far away,
And if promises meant anything,
Than you would stay