Back to You

Chosen away from the fears I had from falling in love again,
Walking away and turning the tides waiting for the moon to lose its ever present pull,
I was a fool for you,
Made broken bets on bitter chips,
Gambling on wages that never quite existed
I couldn’t afford to lose, I couldn’t afford to lose you

The most honest thing I ever said to you was that my cataclysm was spawned by your lack of emotion,
Lack in motion kept us from going anywhere
I watch a million people pass us by,
Happy and content with where their path may lead
They say broken hearts won’t ever make the same noise
That broken is defects proving character
So, book my love for the movies

Chalk outlines walk this city,
And by definition, you have nothing left to define
For you’ve shown them the light by breaking the word
However broken that may be
Yesterday means nothing to a guy like me

Everybody wants a hero, but nobody wants to be saved
Maybe that is just because fear lives in the heart,
Pain lives in the lungs,
Love lives in the hands,
I’m chasing what is on my mind,
Thoughts that want to bring me back to you

The Sensible Sensitivity in Sensing Something’s Wrong

A world painted in black and white,
Nights long fears, shades slip away from light
Distilled and brewed,
Broken and bruised
Silence carries letters various and unknown

A face painted in hate spilled
Heart lost in fate filled
Twins screaming we don’t look the same
As glass breaks we all feel that pain

Sensible words, lost in radio noise
Across the sky, signals intercept
Distorted and disturbed,
Moved and planted
Silence carries noises away from trembling lips

A face painted in fear filled
Minds vacant of far away memories
And the days that once made us
As our hearts sink we all feel the pain

Something’s wrong,
But none of us can sense it
What would the sensitively phrased say?
Where the sidewalk ends,
Could we make it past the side?

Heart Soaked in Gasoline

If the fumes weren’t enough,
The blood vessels explode
Like iron meets the pavement
This inner machine was made to corrode

Ignite a spark,
It wants to burn
But this city was built with matches
And the phosphorus air was not made for breathing

It pumps like the waves that took you under,
An organ made for the churches use
Lying to my face
Made corners for visiting the churches pews

If the gasoline wasn’t enough to almost kill me
The energy you gave off would
Like salt hits the wound
This inner design wasn’t configured to understand

Ignite a spark,
It wants to show that it changes because you matter
But this heart wasn’t ready for the taking of challenges
And the philosophy here was not made for understanding

It pumps like the stream that you watched
A million fish can be underneath
Lying on the floor of this pontoon
Made corners for sinking ships

If the vessel we ship in isn’t stored
Then the gasoline soaked in this shit
Like fist meets wall
This inner machine was made to explode

Wait Until The Morning

Finally you have seen the vision,
The world wouldn’t stop us from spinning
Gravity can’t hit us here

I could dive into your seas and find the entire ocean
Down below the world is the void of being open
We could lose it all in a flash

Should you feel to leave,
Just wait until the morning
For us to have just one more dream together

Should you see to stay,
Just understand I mean when I say
For us to live this dream together

As the shroud surrounds us,
We would become enveloped in the darkest means
Graciously the dreams have fallen

Should you feel alive again,
With whispering breaths inflating your lungs
What will turn your mind back on?

I could freeze waiting in these waters,
But I’ve never felt safer near sharks
For what grace we have floating beneath

Should you feel to leave,
Just wait until the mourning
As some day, the sun will shine once again

Untitled #10

When you become everything to someone who already had it all,
the biggest thing you can do is stand
Don’t falter or beg them to give it all away,
because love has no possessions,

If you believe in something new,
then show the world that your heart is on your sleeve
Always begin with love, and end with what you believe

I swear that I was ready to stand by,
to lay down rocks to lay down by your side
But you moved first, laying it all down on the line

Should you come home some day,
and see the lights are off,
Then for you my love,
Don’t look for switches

Give gravity another look and see why
I can’t escape the ocean floor,
With my last breath my air was yours for the breathing
As my lungs are your reservoir,

So if you should see me no longer breathing,
then bring me back to life

With Lions Watching

Lossless, the quality in which we see
Fragmented, somewhat parted away
Failed in some formats
So somehow we can see the bigger picture

We were never supposed to see these flaws,
Maybe all we are made of are expired dreams,
Flawlessly dreaming, somewhere in a summer state
Tonight the supposed truths are falling in place

Resolve, the quality in which we bleed
Impaired, somewhat parted away
Alive in some formats
So we will never see the bigger picture

With lions watching,
We played the field,
And when they came looking for us,
Under every straw we hid

We were always supposed to see their paws,
Maybe all we are made of are fielded dreams,
Flawlessly screaming, somewhere in a flustered state
Tonight our supposed ends shall be met

Failed, the quality in which we need
Distracted, somewhat parted away
Lossless in some formats
So somehow we became the bigger picture

Chelsea’s Poem

In the way your eyes open,
I can hear the rivers flowing,
the birds singing
the world spinning,
and all of the promises yet to be made

In the way your smile turns,
I can see the oceans open up,
the stars start to shine
the clouds start to clear,
and all of the days we have yet to see

In the way your love hides away,
I can feel the walls you’ve built,
the pain you’ve felt
the hope you’ve had,
and all the ways you never thought this would happen

In the way your arms find mine,
I can know that you are worth holding,
the way you’ve held out
the way you’ve felt all along,
and all of the held on for so long

In the way your heart beats,
I can know that you are worth loving,
the way you’ve always loved yourself
the way you’ve loved all along,
and of the words I’d for you turn into song

In having faith in fate,
God knows you have opened my most secure gate
But this one is all for you

There’s As Late Of A Chance That To You I Guess, Time Is On It’s Way

There’s a strange silence, a loss of hope when in between words
As if paragraphs matter, or whether or not we exist
Late night proposals of sound lost to those in the woods
Of proposals of nights leaving us behind late

A whispering could be heard, most of which at extreme sound
Chance that I would have to hear what she said as I left the ground,
That as I would have loved to stay, mattered
To her, I never had a say

You could say that what I saw; I could say I called it fire
I never lost sound, in saying that it’s you that I admire,
Guess, guessing is past the wheel you came to steer
Time to let go and embrace all that you came to fear

Is the silence lost up your hope between trees?
On solid ground, you never quite weighed out the mass you created
It’s paragraphs about how real you’ve ever been
Way more fake now then all of the proposals of trust, that you could ever trust men

In Having Faith in Fate

Should I shadow you in her footsteps,
Follow her shadows in your path
Had I lost the chance to say goodnight,
To you tonight my love would never lose you

In having faith that some day I would breathe again,
To see you looking through my eyes
I could feel the air going through me once again
I never once believed in these smaller things

Should I wade in the ocean, with sharks swimming at my feet?
Knowing deep down, my heart is deep down way underneath?
Had I lost my way, I may never have found this beautiful place,
To you tonight, my heart once led me down this road

In having faith in fate,
I knew that with God one day
I could see you,
And you not see me in my worst of way

Should you sit by her doorknob,
Follow her hand as it changes everything in this room,
Had she held her head up, and her eyes caught mine
To heaven and back I’d go, just to pass you by, my moon

In having faith in fate,
To become a man I knew I would see
As my father once believed
This is the gravity, this is the real me

Maybe I’ll Come Home, Expecting Love, Lovingly Expected

Walks the thin trapeze wire,
Bombs on either side
Expecting love,
We have run out of gas on this ride

Slowly we open our bleeding eyes,
There’s no returning
To come home, we realize
Is only going into hiding

It’s you, the long held wind caught me to see
Should I become able to breathe
It’s you, the long held words, you once said to me
Like all things, I found my hearts thief

Walks along the dust, unclear of exact location
Walls on either side
Lovingly expecting
Maybe I’ll come home, but for now I’m out of gas