In the instance that I have already forgotten you,
Find me at the place we first met
As memory fades to the background,
All I can see is noise;

If I misplace you – love,
Then look for the place I hold you most
As soon as I can, the words won’t always ramble on,
For as far the light hits the distance can’t keep;

I can’t hold on to what I was doing,
Like running water through my fingers
Holding on seemed so unbearable,
So sit still in this silence for I have made too much noise;

And baby sit by the window sill,
Because I’ve been counting again
And my wrists feel like falling off,
Because they’ve been held by too many hands to feel again

Give me a moment to breathe,
I’m lost at sea
And the lions are after me
I can’t recall who I am,
But still, I remember who I used to be

Wait Until The Morning

Finally you have seen the vision,
The world wouldn’t stop us from spinning
Gravity can’t hit us here

I could dive into your seas and find the entire ocean
Down below the world is the void of being open
We could lose it all in a flash

Should you feel to leave,
Just wait until the morning
For us to have just one more dream together

Should you see to stay,
Just understand I mean when I say
For us to live this dream together

As the shroud surrounds us,
We would become enveloped in the darkest means
Graciously the dreams have fallen

Should you feel alive again,
With whispering breaths inflating your lungs
What will turn your mind back on?

I could freeze waiting in these waters,
But I’ve never felt safer near sharks
For what grace we have floating beneath

Should you feel to leave,
Just wait until the mourning
As some day, the sun will shine once again

Come Carry These Wounds/When We Were Damaged

When I look at your scared arms,
I remember calling them home
While remembering the tornados
I know we were damaged

I can’t control these contaminated wrists
When all I hold is a phone,
I glance back at our yesterdays
When we thought we had a future

When the final note strikes a chord,
I won’t be there playing around
When I promised your hands more
I failed to see your palms ideas

I would never ask you to try
When you get time,
I say you’ll start to see
When the sidewalk ends,

It always ends with me