Chelsea’s Poem

In the way your eyes open,
I can hear the rivers flowing,
the birds singing
the world spinning,
and all of the promises yet to be made

In the way your smile turns,
I can see the oceans open up,
the stars start to shine
the clouds start to clear,
and all of the days we have yet to see

In the way your love hides away,
I can feel the walls you’ve built,
the pain you’ve felt
the hope you’ve had,
and all the ways you never thought this would happen

In the way your arms find mine,
I can know that you are worth holding,
the way you’ve held out
the way you’ve felt all along,
and all of the held on for so long

In the way your heart beats,
I can know that you are worth loving,
the way you’ve always loved yourself
the way you’ve loved all along,
and of the words I’d for you turn into song

In having faith in fate,
God knows you have opened my most secure gate
But this one is all for you

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