Becoming Rich In The Taste of A New Year

swiftly they called it swinging
motion sickness acquired laying in a graveyard
the lay of the land cuts off right before you
so you called him the reason
well I will call him the reason, why you will never be happy
moving through molasses, survival tactics, breathe in and forget
becoming rich in the time now among you
becoming rich in the time now ending you
oh I don’t care technically how to spell it out
oh I don’t know well enough the way you move
and I could never smell you enough from across the room
the book’s binding kept
the pages of romance together forcibly
but the pages screamed “oh how can you sleep? oh how can you breathe?”
there is no taste quite like you
there is not time wasted on you
marvel on the keyword
next to you lays a son of a bitch who doesn’t
give a fuck anymore
because you don’t give a fuck anymore
now is time to swear in tears,
move squirrel before I run you over
move slut before I mow you down
there is nothing left for me
there is nothing left
there is nothing
there is only you
forgive the vile in the marquee
but how else am I supposed to put her out?
who better than the stench that violates the air?
better you than me
and I will take her with me to the pawn shop tonight
so I can fucking go home empty handed

Forget I Ever…

Last year, I was really into my vision for The Paper Heart, but it never came out like I wanted. Yes it is available to buy online but I want to really do what I had wanted.
So here’s what I am going to do; all the poems of the 08-09 years, sorted out by topics [most likely Love and Relationships] a breakdown on my favorite poems and the lesser ones, what I didn’t like about them.
If you like this idea, reply and let me know. For now, I am titling it “Forget I Ever…”
Most likely I am going to make the cover art be “the bird”

In Rockets, In Space

to answer you questions
I never closed the door
the author writes slowly
vague periods pronounce sadly
I never let you go and you never left
there is a capital here for you to see yourself fit
the journeys of my life have taken me farther than I’d rather see
places I’d never go to hurt those who I’d rather be
I saw the opportunity to meet fists, hearts and brains
if it seemed like I stopped caring about you
the mad trickster got to you
the bad news is I am still right here
the bad news is I am still not there
the bad news is I am still not right
where do I go from here?
In Rockets, I will steal the heart straight from the dragon
In Space, I will steal the wind you pushed me away with
there was no time left in this reality
if I could go back I wouldn’t
I stopped counting bodies before you
those I’ve hurt may be limited but until tomorrow ceases to exist
my greatest creation may just be the idea of you somehow fitting in
the last subject I need to address is five hours long, twenty eight minutes longer
the greatest objection you will adhere to is nothing shorter than time left on the clock
where do I go from there?
In Rockets, your name spells out the favorite place in my perspective
In Space, you become my version of a perfect persona to play the role
of the one I never knew was there
I have to reduce the space to get you here
through the day we need to race for commitment
don’t believe that I’m committed to forgetting you
In Reality, I Swear this is only the second page in the prelude
prior to what you don’t know
this is all you’ve discovered
as my story continues on, my dear protagonist

Restart My Heart

fading through the violence
reset my feet on the ground
pavement seems less concrete
every one is now against a wall

fading the line she can’t resist
slowly it disappears and she
trips over the fishing lure
every day is now against the clock

fading the hairline as time goes by
I restart this broken car
leaving this broken town
every mile is another fight I will encounter

fading the background noise
my head falls against a more permanent home
trusting the ground that I will never leave again
every body is another liar just showing up for a card

fading your face into the foreground
my eyes degauss your face
you used your jumper cables
every picture I paint you will paint yourself in

Early This Afternoon [Estimated Time of Arrival]

the left side of this conversation,
stopped listening five minutes ago
so lets just,
take it slow
I never thought that I could be this way

the right side of the bed, collapsed and became the center
your attention up here please, the show is about to begin
so lets just,
take it slow
I never thought that we would, turn out this way

if I’m just too lazy
then don’t beat yourself up
I’m just not up to it
but I still be missing you baby

if I’m too sleazy for my own good
then turn out your heart for a cleansing
I’m just not up to it
but I’m still beating myself up to remember you

the left side of this conversation
stopped listening five minutes ago
but the right side of the argument
had a point facing their temple
rushing through their face at 160

lonely, rushed and anxious – this city is nothing
more than just a jail cell
early this afternoon we shall see who still remains

broken by the wristwatch,
the wrist watches it hands snap at others
through the end of this ride
all involved will ask just one last question

where do wind up in the end?
as awkward silence falls upon,
somehow dramatically
I will pronounce “nowhere”

If It Matters After All

if it matters after all
then what am I still writing to you for?
I can go about writing the same cliche words down
but how much would make it through?

if it matters after all
then can I go about saying you are poison?
how much smoke can I blow before I start to see your

if it matters after all
then you should go first and say what matters now

if it matters after all
then these words don’t matter now

When Forever Ends

First of all, before you read this, this poem is most likely the most important one I’ve written of all that I have ever. The meaning behind it all is deep in my heart, so don’t think of this as just another poem.

there walked the sky, falling down a step or so
it chose this suitcase because it found it fitting to carry
there walked a guy, falling down a step or so
broke his ankle and dropped his self esteem

a day came without a clear sky, blue and silver
as a white blanket covered her to keep her warm
a minute flew by and without a clear reason why, she was blue and silver
she saw him for the first time, dropped her jaw and froze up

time went on and on that first night, if you want to call it first impressions,
they had something more impressing
when she asked him for a few minutes
he said “until I can hear no more words from your lips”

under the impression that this is ever lasting, they stole the towns heart
for what was evident was bulk and consuming their energy
while they were in each others premises neither could sleep
she said “when forever ends”

the coincidental slip up came in a matter of minutes, as he saw one stone fall
from above, dropping from the sky no matter they were falling like stones
“when forever ends?” he asked
only the sky determines when forever ends

almost in love, their pillows became their enemies
and their houses turned into prisons
marked the time in books, there was time for a different day
but not with you in mind, there was no time for a different life

love is like the antidote to life
if without it you can’t live, then you need it
but when forever ends, what is life?
if without it you can’t live, then you need it

you could always regret it afterward, but in reality I swear,
we will make through this in time
I loved this town for the both of you
but I had to leave this life for without you, forever remains unsolved

she said birds and bees, I said love it while its there
when forever ends, where will you be?
I said I would sail there for you, but I’m not going anywhere without you
she said I will be there for you, but I’m not going anywhere without you

and suddenly, like a falling bird, who has lost ability to use his reflexes
I’m falling without you, and I will hit the rock bottom unable to recover
suddenly I am no longer looking forward to tomorrow
I’m just hoping that when I’m in your arms, is when forever ends.

Expellation of My Deepest Fears, Combustion of the Busted Fenceline

I guess I missed my window of opportunity

I had to figure out it was not her fault after all
when I tried to be a man
I swallowed every last bite of my fear
oh if I am just a boy, then let me out to go play
but if I am just a man, then take me out of the day
because who would’ve thought that you would stay?
my fathers opportunity to share it with me, was
seconds too late
when I got on that plane, I never came back home
when he missed me, I never could get back home
if I am just a boy, and nothing else, then at least I have time to figure
out this bad dream
but I am just a man, and something else, this is becoming the worst
nightmare one could ever see
I grew up by a few feet and yet my feet stayed cemented on the grounds
that the best communication is regarded as disapproval.
I grew up about a few feet away from here and painted my name in the cement
just to communicate with the ground
I am here today without a trace of doubt in my mind that tomorrow will take
a breath away,
but I breathe knowing that my breath is held back by my subconcious’s palm
blazed by the temperature of this conversation she put out the fire in my heart
but with it dampened it can not come back on
I am just a black hole sucking in everything that comes my way
wait until you see what I expel

Someone I Relied In

it took some guts to come this far
and the words that you showed me were mistaken
the baby blue shirt that you moved away from my hands
and our backs sat there while our mouths made love

and I could have thought for a moment that I was safe in this cabinet
but I threw you aside the china and tore your back up with a nice piece of

with out a shower to use, a second seemed to be a minute
and we made out like bandits
the baby blue sky dimmed to purple haze, covered by black clouds
and our backs just sat there while our mouths made love

regardless of how far you could toss me, I was outside of your zone
nothing could stop us, not even the phone

it wasn’t making love anymore, it was just kidding around
maybe somewhere else there would be a need for this kind of passion
but this car is speeding down a 15
and our backs just sat there while our eyes made love

holding on to your hands, the hatred for me slowly faded away
because we both know it was never worth it

if you could have seen the sky turn pink tonight in this galaxy
maybe somewhere else, from a telescope you would know why I have
started to fall asleep with your song in my head
and our backs just sat there while our hearts made out like bandits

like someone I relied in, your name was no longer a metaphor
I just had you backwards on the table

If Your Mother Was Here, What Would I Think?

she blows kisses in my direction
another fatal mistake I made
by believing that she was looking at me
it’s the guy behind every time
and now must observe the floor
the gentle fold of her arms
telling me that everything is fine
was I just an opaque sheet of tears
to be worn with pride?
what a steady fall of leaves
she makes me change myself
and meet the ground just to stare at her wishing I was
where I use to be
so say you’re sorry or not regretting
all the pain –
here it goes again
not collapsing correctly