Ten Cats With Only Fourteen Legs [REVISTED]

we’ll never walk through this city together
we’ll never get to know what else is out there
you should have seen what we had back then
we should have known what had been planned out for us

your bed is our favorite place with our eyes focused on
what is going on in the television and not enough in between us
and yet you are everything stuck between us like kernel of popcorn
in desperate need of being removed

We spent our summer together and we missed
our chances to eat ice cream under the summer heat
and complain about how much we hate it
and where our parents went wrong on behalf of our aging process

We gave up the idea of spending time on the
shore and take a classical sundown picture
to sit and fight over who was right
when the sun went down neither one of us had a clue

if I could play make believe with you I will be who
you want me to be so I can just make you happier
and if I could make you smile then I will feel lighter
but then I realize your becoming the type of crane that floats away

I wish I wasn’t always making you cry
some nights I hope that you don’t give up
but I can’t become the only one in your universe
and you can’t be the only star on stage

I’m not saying that you aren’t the greatest thing
I’m just saying that you aren’t the only thing there

I just hope that we will act like we fell in love
in a bookstore, and we will feel like our smiles
are part of a face lift
but we both know that your blood runs cold most nights

if you wanted me to say it clearer
I won’t ever forget our late night walks
but now you’ve got me paralyzed and I can’t get back on my feet

If I Was A Wishing Well, I’m Going for Broke

so they took me down by the river and left me stranded
to find any sense in who I am, when I have barely landed
the man they were looking at was just a case to a broken guitar
and with nothing important to hold, I must’ve been deemed useless

you must’ve been redeemed when you found out you were important to hold
and that the man you were looking at was more than just broken
we will find sense in who we are when we are barely falling
we can wash our pains away down by the river and we’ll be calling

as the seconds fall down the wall there is a loss of time for this world to exist
and without a bomb in clear sight, there is a loss of something more than just you and I

we will see where this phrase gets us, but if its up to them we’ll fall a few cents short
and if I was a wishing well, I’m going for broke and calling this shot of love a little side dish
where do we really remain at the end of the day?
and they called me fake.

a heart so fresh in to the world gave me a reason to believe that its possibly actuality
and as our breathing slows down, or as our hearts start to race, there is no finish line for love
just a starting point that is only at once determined.

In Reality I Swear, We Will Get Through This On Time

between the trees, I can see you running this way
I’m underneath a rock, with my back turned to the ocean
above the clouds, I can still feel His presence.

I walk through this two dimensional world hoping to find something with texture
all of our shading is incorrect, and our anatomy is slightly configured in a different way.

we can’t compare bruises from here, we will have to wait until the sky falls closer.
in reality I swear, we will get through this on time, but not before the train leaves home
I can still hear your footsteps,
I can still hear your footsteps, and baby I can still hear your last words.

they have nothing on us, they barely know your name
I swear someday you will float away to a place far away and never look down
I will play my game under the moonlight tonight and become something that even I am afraid of

only in a dream can they fade us to gray, and only in a dream will they phase us out.
I’m the last thing to touch your lips, and like a poison, I will be the last thing you see before tonight is over
and your dreams will fade us to gray